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What's the IGFA ?

The International Game Fish Association is the most famous authority regarding the game fishing and angling in the world.

Regarding all the fish, from sea water and salt water, from boats and shore, fly fishing or Big Game Fishing, it’s THE association.
The IGFA is a non profit organization who give rules and guidelines to fish ethically. It’s the reference for all anglers all over the world who want to fish properly, chasing world records !
In Mauritius we are mainly interested for the Blue marlin,  we have about 15 locals competitions and 2 international competitions who are in partnership with the IGFA. Each boat captain and anglers have to follow the IGFA rules to validate the fish caught.
I am (Capt Vic) the only captain/guide IGFA in Mauritius Island. It means that I’m member of the association. Me and my crew follow the IGFA rules and guidelines to insure a sustainable fishing for the future.
The IGFA captain program have been create to connect all the anglers who want to fish properly to meet captains around the world.
To become an IGFA captain, you have to be a confirmed fisherman, to have a boat captain license and pass a test about angling rules.
We will be happy to share our advices with you to catch the fish of a lifetime!

Capt Vic.