Golden Wave

Golden day

Experience a very special day in Mauritius with our Golden Day.

Start at 6am

First thing is to find the Dolphins, which is pretty easy in Mauritius. After that, let's go offshore, trolling looking for the fish of a lifetime like Blue Marlin or big Yellowfin Tuna.

We will stop the boat at difference places to use our Hydrophone to localise Whales. Whales are close, well, let's remove the fishing rods to watch these beautiful creatures slowly and with RESPECT.

When the whales disappear in the deep ocean, after showing us their beautiful tails, we start fishing again ! Smaller fish can be caught as well as small Tuna, Wahoo and Dorado, with light tackle it's a beautiful fight.

Back to the shore at 12am

  • Golden Wave III Rs 40,000 private trip

*The prices are all included, snacks, soft drinks and snorkeling equipment.

Dolphin watching, Whale watching and Big Game Fishing in one excursion !