Golden Wave

Blue Marlin in Mauritius with Captain Vic

Mauritius is home to blue marlin

Billfish are present in 7 species worldwide. Blue, black, stripped, and white marlin. Swordfish, spearfish and sailfish.

Mauritius is the place where all of these species have already been caught. The Black and Blue Marlin are the most prevalent, but the Blue one is the primary target for all boats in summer.

The Makaira (scientific name) is a fish that everyone is searching for in Mauritius during the summer months from October to May.

There are two species of blue marlin, the Atlantic and the Pacific. In Mauritius, the Pacific one is present.

The reason we can catch Blue Marlin during our summer here when the water is above 27 degrees is because they follow warm currents.

Hunting is their occupation, and they primarily eat tunas, mahi-mahi, and forage. There aren't really any predators here in Mauritius, because we don't have killer whales or great white sharks around here. Attacking them is a possibility for certain sharks, such as Mako or bull sharks, but it's not often.

Late summer marks the breeding season of Pacific Blue Marlin. The female is capable of spawning four times annually and releasing 7 million eggs in one session.

At the age of 2, it becomes sexually mature and weighs around 100 pounds. Males may weigh up to 350lbs and live for 18 years, while females can weigh up to 2000lbs and live for 27 years. The International Game Fish Association's world record weighs 1376 pounds.

Blue Marlin's population is healthy worldwide, but they are being severely impacted by longline fishing boats. Thankfully, sport fishermen, assisted by the IGFA, place a lot of effort into conserving blue marlin.

We release young blue marlins who are in good condition and not injured to allow them to grow up.