Jigging in Mauritius

Jigging is one of the most versatile and time tested fishing techniques ever invented. Over the years, this fishing method has evolved and into multiple styles that are still widely used today.

There is two kinds of Jigging

"Speed Jigging"

The technic is to let the lure (JIG) go down and back to the surface by varying the speed and motion, it is a nice sporty fishing method.

We use strong Rods and Reels for this kind of Jigging.

Indeed, the fish caught can be betwen 5 to 50kg !

"Slow Jigging"

We use light tackle for this kind of Jigging, requiring less physical effort.

The movement is same to speed jigging but slower, with the natural motion of the jigs and not per forced and tiresome motion.

It's good way for everyone want to have a good fight with Yellowfin Tunas, Dog Tooth Tunas, kingfishs, Giant Trevally, Barracudas ...

The Lures (Jigs)      

Usual jigs are mad with metal, weight between 100g to 300g with différents sizes and colors      

Jigging Mauritius
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