Golden Wave Mauritius

Dolphin Watching in Mauritius with Captain Vic

Swimming with Dolphins has always been a dream for you?

To live these magical moments in the company of dolphins, you will have to get up early! 

Indeed, we try to be the First on the Dolphins spot, then you can swim with Dolphins with RESPECT.

We offers 2 times trips.

2 Hours trip 6am to 8am

Dolphin Watching and swimming

Snorckeling equipment provided

Rs 1500 per person or Rs 10000 for the boat in Private.

Soft Drinks and snacks included

4 Hours trip.

- Start at 6 am for dolphin watching

- Snorckelling on the Reef Barrier

Sorckeling équipement provided

Rs 2000 per person or Rs 12000 for the boat in Private.

Soft Drinks and snacks included.

There are two species of Dolphin that can be found in Mauritius :

The spinner dolphin (dark gray in color, recognizable by its long bill, reaches adult size about 1.50m, usually weighs between 55 lb and 176 lb).

The bottlenose dolphin ( exceeding 2 meters in adulthood, light gray with a rounded beak, weighs between 330 lb and 1433 lb) 

If you are lucky it is possible to see whales and turtles as well.

Dolphin Watching Flic en Flac
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